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LOTUS SAFE BOX – dark bronze


Radiation protection box for your mobile phone. At night, place your mobile phone in a box on the night shelf, which should be placed above the level of your body.


Features and usage:

  • Reduces RF EM radiation of your mobile phone by up to 98%
  • Inner NI / CU protective fabric and durable faux leather exterior
  • Closure cord with metal clamping mechanism for adjusting the size of the opening


At night, place your mobile in the LOTUS SAFE BOX on the night shelf and reduce the EM RF radiation of your device.
Do not disturb your night sleep by mobile phone presence. Sleep better, safer and healthier.

Living room
Place the mobile in the box during your free time or whenever you do not use it. The mobile phone emissions can lead to many health issues.

While working at home or in the office place your phone in the LOTUS SAFE BOX. You will lower the radiation in your body direction by up to 98%.
The box is equipped with a deep sewed in hole, so you can also use it as a place for holding your pens, scissors or other office equipment.