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The LOTUS SAFE baby pillow will protect your little ones from the radiation emitted by mobile devices. Place the pillow under the phone, tablet or laptop. With sewn-on protective NI/CU material, the pillow prevents the penetration of EM RF radiation into the body as much as possible. The outer cover is washable and made of 100% cotton. The inner filling is 100% CAPOK PLANT FIBRES, that is organic, super light and antiallergenic.


Features and usage:

  • More than 90% reduction of RF EM radiation from your mobile devices

  • Outer washable cover made of 100% cotton

  • Inner filling and protective coating: 100% organic CAPOK PLANT FIBRES with sewn-on NI / CU protective fabric

  • Dimensions: 32X32cm

Displayed are examples of our already finished pillows that are custom made to order. After your order we will contact you to choose from the available textile patterns. Your pillow will be made and shipped within 10 days.

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Learn your little ones to use the electronic devices (mobile phones, tablet PC-s or laptops in a more safe and healthy manner. Let them know to place the LOTUS SAFE KIDS pillow between the device and their body, when watching their favourite cartoons or they are playing favourite games. By doing that, you will help to protect their reproduction and other body organs.