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The LOTUS SAFE BLANKET is a protection against high frequency electromagnetic radiation of mobile / wireless electronic devices for children in your home. The inner filling of the blanket is equipped with hedgehog mechanism and NI/CU high quality protection material that easy attaches to the outer cotton and washable coating. The blanket blocks more than 90% of harmful RF EM radiation.

Use our protective blanket:

-If you are pregnant or you are a mom who is breastfeeding and sometimes also uses device while breastfeeding
– za To protect your baby against radiation from baby monitors or other mobile / wireless devices that are located in your child’s room.
– To protect your little ones if they are already using mobile devices…

Displayed are examples of our already finished pillows that are custom made to order. After your order we will contact you to choose from the available textile patterns. Your pillow will be made and shipped within 10 days.